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Verb tenses
    • Present [je dis]
    • Imperfect [je disais]
    • Compound past [j'ai dit]
    • Future [je dirai]
    • Present Subjunctive [je dise]
    • Imperfect Subjunctive [je disse]
    • Imperative [dis]
    • Conditional [je dirais]
    • Gerund (Present Participle) [disant]
    • Past Participle [dit]
    • Past Historic [je dis]
Number and person
    • Singular, 1st person [je/j']
    • Singular, 2nd person [tu]
    • Singular, 3rd person [il/elle]
    • Plural, 1st person [nous]
    • Plural, 2nd person [vous]
    • Plural, 3rd person [ils/elles]
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  • Show verbs randomly
  • Repeat incorrectly answered exercises
  • Use color codes for tenses